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FACE:REMODEL [Free Download Edition]

Remixes album

2015.2.18 release / PARK-027
released by PARK 

01. Egyptian Raver (andrew/Eiji Ando Remix)

02. I Got a Feeling feat. Benjamin Diamond (Boys Get Hurt Remix)

03. Don't Wait Up feat. Ronika (MASKAT Remix)

04. Can't Sleep feat. Jhameel (DJ YEN Remix)

05. Venge (SYOW Remix)

06. Sting (Kazuma Takahashi Remix)

07. Gen X feat. Ann Saunderson (BUDDHAHOUSE Remix)

08. Into The Sun (Amps Remix)

09. Something In The Way feat. Kazuki Sato (Cinema Citizen Remix)

10. Face (George from MOP of HEAD Remix)

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